Married Sex






The wild world of female sexual dysfunction!  After getting married for the first time at 46, on her honeymoon in Rome, Laura unearths...problems associated with being molested as a child. To save her marriage, and claim her right to pleasure (for the first time in her life), she consults with a wide variety of experts, including a jet-setting tantrika, a cynical sex therapist, an insane hypnotist, a horny rabbi, and more. As Laura navigates these (often conflicting) approaches, rapturous sex becomes her activism. Meanwhile, she and her husband struggle to understand their own intersecton of love, trauma, intimacy, and eros. In her signature blend of hilarity and pathos, Zam mines the complications of human sexuality. It's a show you're definitely in the mood for.





Tame the Shame Project

MARRIED SEX is part of a larger transmedia project that promotes sexual health and healing. In addition to this touring one-person play, the project includes a memoir, personal essays, public speaking, a touring performance tailored for college audiences, Sex Brunches (see below), and a forthcoming blog called the Sex Brunch blog.  

Tame the Shame ignites and normalizes conversation around sex, expecially involving aspects difficult to talk about, including perplexity, a wide-range of bedroom issues, trauma, healing, spirituality, and cutting edge science. 





Recent Performances

MARRIED SEX was performed Off-Broadway in the United Solo Festival at Theatre Row.   Prior to that, it had productions in the New York International Fringe Festival and the Capital Fringe Fringe Festival. The play had a workshop production at Theater J, where it was originally commissioned. MARRIED SEX was a semi-finalist for the 2013 O'Neill National Playwrights Conference.




Want to Attend a Sex Brunch?

In coordination with performances of MARRIED SEX, I have been holding Sex Brunches. These are gatherings of women who eat carbs while discussion female sexuality and asking each other questions, often anonymously.  If you'd like to host a performance/brunch, or just a brunch, email me