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Sexual Health / ResilienceS


"Laura brought tremendous value to Shenandoah University. Her thought-provoking presention broadened our students' worldview. We are very happy we brought her to campus." 

Tracy Fitzsimmons
President, Shenandoah University 


To enjoy a healthy violence-free campus, students need to be part of the solution. Their voices—and buy-in—are critical.


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Campus Resilience Keynote: Triumph Over Challenge—Even Though


Assault Prevention 

Sexual Misconduct Programs: Using Theater to Increase Buy-In 


Sexual misconduct programs often encounter limited buy-in and poor implementation—despite excellent content.This workshop, drawing from 20 years' experience using drama as a facilitation tool, helps educator create more effective sessions. Blending improvisation, dialogue, problem-solving, experiential learning, and fun, this easy-to-master method greatly expands a faculty or peer educator’s toolkit. Techniques can also be used to create theater performances for freshman and other students.



Learning Outcomes:                                                                      

  • Acquire innovative facilitation methods
  • Practice affirmative consent with students
  • Practice bystander intervention with students 
  • Brainstorm solutions to end campus violence
  • Create educational skits/performances 


The faculty and staff who brought Laura Zam to campus were thrilled. This is no mere brainstorming session with students — it is, rather, a pedagogically sound and well-shaped workshop that moves students from “What can we do to change the climate around sexual assault on campuses?” to “Here’s what we can do starting NOW!” I recommend this program most highly for any campus. 

April Lidinsky
Director, Women's and Gender Studies Program
Indiana University, South Bend




Healing from Violation

The 3 P's of Healing From Sexual Violation

Keynote or Workshop


This workshop introduces students to a three-step model for healing, augmenting any therapeutic work a student is doing. Using an innovative framework tool, students gain a clear understanding of the sexual healing process—their own process and that of people close to them. By offering a concrete tool for recovery, by empowering survivors to take more control of their healing, and by encouraging friends and loved ones to help those in crisis, this workshop offers ways to keep a whole community safe. The workshop version of this material can be taught directly to student population or can be done with mental health professionals, peer educators, and others serving survivors and their friends.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn diagnostic tool for assessing harm
  • Identify 3 ways that trauma affects individuals
  • Discover campus resources for healing
  • Create a plan for staying safe on campus




Includes excerpt from this one-person play, presented





Survivors Telling Their Stories

Speaking Up and Out

Workshop and Residencies

What if your students could tell their own stories in a storytelling performance similar to the Vagina Monologues? This workshop, which can be extended into a residency, gives students the tools they need to write and perform 5-7 minute monologues. These can be stand-alone pieces or shaped into a full-length performance. This workshop is perfect for any population on campus that would like their voices to be heard: women, the queer community, assault survivors, students of color, and others. Great for sororities, affinity clubs, and departments that want to create a forum for expression.



Healthy Relationships

Your Sexuality: Own It, Love It, Protect It
Workshop for anyone who identifies as female


If "Yes Means Yes," What does "Yes" really mean? At the center of a woman's life is an enormous capacity for pleasure. However, centuries of misinformation, shaming, and oppression have made it difficult to decipher our bodies, let alone the many paradoxes that make us female. This workshop is an important complement to campus consent training, which, by necessity, positions females in a responsive mode. Informative, highly interactive, and fun this workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to feel confident, empowered, and clear about what she wants. Open to all who identify as female.


 Learning Outcomes        

  • Acquire an understanding of the "secret" female erection, and other aspects of female erotic response
  • Discover what you truly want from a sexual encounter
  • Learn tools for preventing STDs




Triumph Over Challenge—Even Though



How can you create the life you want amidst so many challenges?  Just when you've overcome one obstacle, another replaces it!  This keynote—which includes concrete tools, interactivity, and scenes from some of my award-winning one-person plays—presents the five most important lessons in resilience I learned from my mom, an Auschwitz survivor. The talk also details my own journey applying these techniques to heal from sexual abuse. In my signature style, I deal with these heavy themes using huge doses of comedy. This lecture-performance has been called "funny" "inspiring," and "very uplifting.'


 Learning Outcomes:

  • Cultivate resilience using 5 steps
  • Discover tools for overcoming self-doubt
  • Overcome ANY hurdle
  • Find confidence you didn't know you had











"Laura is masterful at breaking down content so it's accessible."              

-Jenice View, Professor, George Mason University, College of Education and Human Development









"I really appreciated this inspirational talk and I felt like Laura was speaking directly to me-but I’m sure we all felt like that!  She’s absolutely smoking!  Thank you for this experience."                

-Student, Indiana University









"Laura's public presentation was funny, moving and very personal."                

-Megan Nesbit, Director, Brown Unviersity RISD Hillel










"Due to working with Laura, our population improved significantly in the areas of confidence and being able to tell their story.              

-Director, DC Rape Crisis Center










"Working with Laura opened my eyes to a whole new world. I can't thank her enough.              

-Student, Southeastern University











"I learned so much about how to be successful after I graduate. Thank you!"                

-Student, University of Maryland









"She is the most interesting professor I ever had."               

-Student, George Mason University.









"The confidence workshop helped me think of myself in a much more powerful way. It was great."             

-Student, Confidence Workshop









"Laura's presentation was terrific. The crowd loved it!"              

-Tim Starks, Education Director, Science Speaking Series




"I learned more about sex in one hour than I did in all my high school sex ed classes."                

-Attendee, Hello Sister