Story Coaching


There are so many creative, innovative, effective ways to reach current and potential customers.


But how do you cut through the crowd, through all the noise, and connect with your tribe or ideal customer?


What's the magic ingredient that makes the client notice you, give his limited attention to your business, and ultimately choose to do business with you?


The answer, it turns out, is you… and your story.


Here's the deal.

Customers today want to know your purpose, your passion, and why you began your business. They want to get a sense of who you are even outside your work. They want to feel like they know and trust your business and you on a personal level.



Your customers want to know your story.



Because your customers aren't just looking for your expertise. They're looking for YOU.


And that's why I help non-profits, micro-businesses, and solopreneurs like you unlock the potential of your story to:

  • Get more customers, clients, or donors
  • Increase personal and professional fulfillment
  • Broaden your outreach
  • Make more money
  • Attract and retain more aligned employees, interns, and contractors
  • Achieve further expansion of your business and evolution of your vision


Introducing The Satellite Story Method


Using a unique process I call The Satellite Story Method™, I help you construct a core brand story — your Satellite Signature Story.

That Signature Story becomes your very own shining planet in your very own corner of cyberspace. We then look at networking, social media, video, and the other ways of using your Signature Story and its themes, as satellites that revolve around this shining, amazing planet. Here's a graphic to help illustrate how the idea looks: 


Satellite Story Method graphic


Getting started with the Satellite Story Method
is easier than you think!
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