Collaterally Damaged







COLLATERALLY DAMAGED is an autobiographical one-person play. In this tale, Laura journeys to Eastern Europe to write a drama about her mother’s Holocaust experience, which includes two concentration camps, two Nazi ghettos and an infamous death march.  She is hoping—foolishly?—that her small piece of art will end genocide in  today’s world.On her travels, she encounters the sad and ridiculous things done by people who’ve been abused.  It's a comedy. Sort of.



Bringing COLLATERALLY DAMAGED to Your Organization

COLLTERALLY DAMAGED has been performed at schools, universities, libraries, conferences, performing arts centers, museums, and staff training events.  The play highlights the issues below and is often accompanied by a workshop.

  • The legacy of the Holocaust for a younger generation
  • Resiliency
  • Building Empathy

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The Collaterally Damaged Project

This umbrella project raises awareness about genocide in today’s work, while raising money for survivors. The project is built upon performances of COLLATERALLY DAMAGED: Laura donates a portion of her artist fee and also brings awareness to these issues by highlighting an organization and/or inviting a survivor to speak. Here are a few of the organizations that have been helped.


Save Darfur Coalition

The Save Darfur Coalition is committed to ending violence against civilians in Darfur as well as helping those who have already been victimized during this on-going crisis.


The Burundi Schools Project

The Burundi Schools Project provides much-needed resources to a post-conflict educational system in Burundi, thus promoting peace through education.  Bordering Rwanda, this small African country has witnessed three genocides in the last two decades.


The Forum for the Development of Women

The Forum for the Development of Women helps single mothers, girls and widows in The Republic of Congo.  These women and girls are unable to lift themselves out of poverty after the devastating destruction of three civil wars in the 1990s.