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For inquiries regarding books and other publishing, contact my literary agent:


Mark Gottlieb

Trident Media Group
41 Madison Avenue, Floor 36
New York, NY 10010


For all other inquiries:

Contact my assistant, Deva Jones.

Or, contact me directly.








"Laura is masterful at breaking down content so it's accessible."              

-Jenice View, Professor, George Mason University, College of Education and Human Development



"I really appreciated this inspirational talk and I felt like Laura was speaking directly to me-but I’m sure we all felt like that!  She’s absolutely smoking!  Thank you for this experience."                

-Student, Indiana University



"Laura's public presentation was funny, moving and very personal."                

-Megan Nesbit, Director, Brown University RISD Hillel



"Due to working with Laura, our population improved significantly in the areas of confidence and being able to tell their story.              

-Director, DC Rape Crisis Center



"Working with Laura opened my eyes to a whole new world. I can't thank her enough.              

-Student, Southeastern University




"I learned so much about how to be successful after I graduate. Thank you!"                

-Student, University of Maryland




"She is the most interesting professor I ever had."               

-Student, George Mason University.




"The confidence workshop helped me think of myself in a much more powerful way. It was great."             

-Student, Confidence Workshop




"Laura's presentation was terrific. The crowd loved it!"              

-Tim Starks, Education Director, Science Speaking Series




"I learned more about sex in one hour than I did in all my high school sex ed classes."                

-Attendee, Hello Sister