Triumph Over Challenge, Even Though

How can we stay resilient despite setbacks?


"Laura Zam is an exceptional speaker.  Her stories are so vivid, you don’t just remember them, they can become part of your being. Her message about dealing with adversity and coming out the other side with energy and optimism is a message that can change lives."

                                                       -Mitzi Perdue (Mrs. Frank Perdue)
                                                        Managing Partner Ceres Farms. LLC 


"What an excellent presenter! Laura's talk was the perfect blend of information and entertainment."             

                                                       -Jenna Jadin
                                                        Founder Nerd Nite
                                                        Science Speaker Series



Triumph Over Challenge—
Even Though


This keynote—which has been described as "practical, straight forward, empowering, inspirational and absolutely smoking"—focuses on what I learned from my mother, a Holocaust survivor who lived through two Nazi ghettos, two concentration camps (including Auschwitz), and an infamous death march. My mother had a recipe for resilience that I share with my audience as well as my own system for building unshakable confidence.



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