Zam uses humor, her own vulnerability, and psychological insights that clearly resonated with our audience. With great skill, she invites people to see their lives as a project of their own making. Her examples are accessible, and her reflections on personal triumphs remind us that sometimes the smallest re-orientation in our perspective can yield enormous and liberating gains.                                                        -April Lidinsky


"Laura is whimsical, creative and inspirational while still providing a structured formal process I keep signing up for this workshop. "                      -Molly Kelly, Web Designer and Strategist


"I highly recommend this workshop.  The energy, support, and connection are worth it alone.  Also, it was great to be among fellow travelers.”  --Steve Godwin, Book Artist 


I have recommended this workshop to others, emphasizing the positive energy and encouragement that comes from a room of women seeing happier versions of themselves.
                                                                             --Jennifer Baum, President, Baum Media


Laura creates a safe environment to explore and receive feedback.  She offers amazing tips, and I loved everything."                                    --Ananda Leeke, Author and Digital Strategist


"Laura's presentation is such an important aspect of running a soul-centered business. The content was easy to understand, clearly laid out, and fun.    --Marla Makey, Psychologist


This was the best workshop I've ever taken at Omega, and I've taken hundreds of workshops here.                                             --Maureen Bell, Communications Staff, Omega Institute


I loved the idea of turning ideas into How questions. What a great workshop!
                                                                         --Jim Break, Student, University of Maryland


Laura's workshop helped me to gain some clarity in my life and to focus on things that matter. She had an openness that I really appreciated. 
                                                                  --Heather McAuliff, Owner, New Sounds Company


"Laura's workshop was so interesting and so much fun. I'm now thinking about things in a new way."                                                    --Jennifer Bill, retired army officer



"Due to working with Laura, our population improved significantly in the areas of confidence and being able to tell their story.                                -Director, DC Rape Crisis Center  


"Laura's presentation was terrific. The crowd loved it!"    
                                                   -Tim Starks, Education Director, Science Speaking Series                         


"Laura is masterful at breaking down content so it's accessible."  
 -Jenice View, Professor, George Mason University, College of Education and Human Development


"The confidence workshop helped me think of myself in a much more powerful way. It was great."                                                       -Student, Confidence Workshop


"I really appreciated this inspirational talk and I felt like Laura was speaking directly to me-but I’m sure we all felt like that!  She’s absolutely smoking!  Thank you for this experience."               

-Student, Indiana University



"Laura's public presentation was funny, moving and very personal."                

-Megan Nesbit, Director, Brown University RISD Hillel




"Working with Laura opened my eyes to a whole new world. I can't thank her enough.              

-Student, Southeastern University



"I learned so much about how to be successful after I graduate. Thank you!"                

-Student, University of Maryland


"She is the most interesting professor I ever had."               

-Student, George Mason University.








"I learned more about sex in one hour than I did in all my high school sex ed classes."               

-Attendee, Hello Sister