University workshops and residencies are usually taught in conjunction with performances of my critically-aclaimed one-person play COLLATERALLY DAMAGED. All content can also be delivered via a keynote or other public speaking.




Doing What You Love for a Living                    

This workshop/residency offers college students concrete skills for finding--and creating--employment that is in keeping with their passions, skills, and talents. Through exercises, reflection, and discussion, students are introduced to the employment trend that is changing the way the U.S. thinks about work: entrepreneurial, multiple income streams. Students in this workshop strategize income potential based on this contemporary model and their unique interests and gifts.  In so doing, they leave behind outdated paradigms that insist upon an unsatisfactory work life in exchange for security.  Students leave this session with a plethora of unforeseen employment opportunities that make their heart sing and pay the rent. Sessions must be a minimum of three hours. Longer sessions are advantageous if time permits. 



Making a Living in the Arts 

This workshop is for students interested in an artistic career (in music, film, literature, etc.)  Similar to the above, this workshop focuses on finding--and creating-- employment that is in keeping with one’s passions, skills, and talents. For artists, particularly, there are additional obstacles on this path because of society’s normalized despondency and skepticism when it comes to a life in the arts. Through exercises, journaling, and discussion, students identify employment opportunities that grow directly out of their passion and creativity. This dynamic workshop breaks down a plethora of myths about money and art. At the same time, it offers reliable tools for navigating the post-collegiate art world. Sessions must be a minimum of three hours. Longer sessions are advantageous if time permits. 



Creating a Solo Show (One-Person Play)          

This workshop--designed specifically for those with an interest in the performing arts, journalism, history, and/or storytelling--teaches students how to create a story for the stage that can be performed in theaters and toured to libraries, museums, K-12 schools, universities, conferences, and more!  In this workshop (or residency) students receive training in both writing and performance.  Topics include plot, organic structure, character, use of breath and body, as well as establishing a relationship with an audience.   In a nurturing, structured environment, students write an outline for a full-length one-person show. They may also create a short solo performance that they present for an invited audience, as a culmination of their work.  This workshop concludes with helpful information about how a person can find work performing their piece once it is completed. 



Developing Resiliency in College and in Life

This workshop interactively examines themes that run through the touring play COLLATERALLY DAMAGED: empathy for self and others, and how to thrive under even the most challenging circumstances. These are lessons extracted from the play, which documents Zam’s mother’s Holocaust experience.  Using drama, the workshop teaches concrete skills for setting goals and achieving them--despite difficult circumstances.  Additionally, the workshop provides tools for better understanding self and others for the purposes of personal contentment as well as better professional and personal relationships.





"Laura is masterful at breaking down content so it's accessible."              

-Jenice View, Professor, George Mason University, College of Education and Human Development



"I really appreciated this inspirational talk and I felt like Laura was speaking directly to me-but I’m sure we all felt like that!  She’s absolutely smoking!  Thank you for this experience."                

-Student, Indiana University



"Laura's public presentation was funny, moving and very personal."                

-Megan Nesbit, Director, Brown University RISD Hillel



"Due to working with Laura, our population improved significantly in the areas of confidence and being able to tell their story.              

-Director, DC Rape Crisis Center



"Working with Laura opened my eyes to a whole new world. I can't thank her enough.              

-Student, Southeastern University




"I learned so much about how to be successful after I graduate. Thank you!"                

-Student, University of Maryland




"She is the most interesting professor I ever had."               

-Student, George Mason University.




"The confidence workshop helped me think of myself in a much more powerful way. It was great."             

-Student, Confidence Workshop




"Laura's presentation was terrific. The crowd loved it!"              

-Tim Starks, Education Director, Science Speaking Series




"I learned more about sex in one hour than I did in all my high school sex ed classes."                

-Attendee, Hello Sister