Struggle with sex? Let me help you! Specialties: libido, pain, menopause, trauma, and campus consent.

How I can help. Are you a...

Campus Looking for Sex-Positive Consent Education?

Looking for innovative, evidence-based harm prevention that includes sexual communication skills and pleasure education?

Woman 45+ Navigating with Sex AND Menopause?

Are you struggling with desire and other effects of hormone depletion? Are you interested in the sexual awakening menopause can bring?

Person of any Gender Struggling with Sex?

Experiencing pelvic pain, shame, a history of trauma, mismatched libidos, or some other bedroom obstacle? Individuals and couples.

Curious About Working One-on-One?

Talking to someone about sexual issues can be difficult. Often the first step is telling someone knowledgeable—who’s probably been there herself—what’s been going on.

Hi, I'm Laura

Certified Holistic Sex Educator

A graduate of the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, with a Master’s from Brown University, I’m also an award-winning writer, TEDx Speaker, Certified Trauma Professional, and author of THE PLEASURE PLAN, a bestselling memoir about my own journey healing from six kinds of bedroom problems. On my reclamation odyssey, I studied all there was to know about trauma recovery, human sexuality, female sexual response, sexual dysfunction, menopause, consent, and healthy relationships. I cured myself this way and got inspired to help others.

Now I work with others who struggle with sex, helping them achieve the great sex they deserve.

Talking about bedroom challenges can be so difficult. Shame about my own issues held be back for years. That’s why my mission is offering shame-free guidance to those curious about their own sexual potential. I believe everyone has the right to pleasure, intimacy, and wholeness.

The Pleasure Plan

“The Pleasure Plan is a must-read.”
Washington Independent Review of Books

“Passionate, witty and filled with healing karma.”
-Susan Shapiro, NY Times Bestselling Author 

“Zam is funny, smart, and one hell of an educator.”
-Betty Dodson, PhD, Feminist Icon & Netflix Sex Educator

“Beautifully woven together using humor and wit.”
-Rachel S. Rubin MD, Sexual Medicine Specialist

“Reads like a great movie!”
-Robert Festinger, Screenwriter, Academy Award Nominee

-Rosalyn Dischiavo, Founder of Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment