(For Survivors & Anyone)

Reclaim Passion, Pleasure and Power

A Workshop for Survivors of Sexual Violation

Reclaiming Passion, Pleasure and Power after Sexual Violation


The #MeToo movement has exposed the true prevalence of sexual violation¾ in all its damaging forms. We’ve also seen the far-reaching toll it has taken on peoples’ lives. How do we heal from this complicated harm? Drawing from the seminal trauma research of Dr. Besel van der Kolk, as well as yoga-for-trauma wisdom, narrative therapy, neuroscience, and best practices in sexual healing, this workshop introduces a framework for healing that covers three distinct, but overlapping, areas of growth: passion, pleasure, and power. Join Laura, and a nurturing community of *females, as we explore yoga-based (and complementary) strategies for managing triggers, calming the nervous system, channeling strong emotions, staying present, honoring sensuality, creating safety, battling self-doubt, and developing a personal brand of fearlessness. By the end of this workshop, each participant will have exercises they can use during stressful moments. They’ll also have a customized home practice to help them grow continuously on their healing path.


This workshop, originally developed for Flow Yoga Center in DC,  is now available for booking–at other yoga studios, spiritual retreat centers, campuses, and women’s empowerment events.


Could your group of survivors use this kind of work?


I will be adding many other healing workshops (for non-survivors and people of all genders) in the coming months.


I’m happy to customize a workshop for your organization or group. Email me to toss around ideas!