An instant best seller! Based on popular essays in New York Times’ Modern Love and Salon, as well as an Off-Broadway one-person play, The Pleasure Plan is a sexual healing odyssey, a manifesto for women to claim pleasure as a priority, and a love story all at once. Read more here.

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How to Host Your Own Pleasure Brunch (Also Known as a Sex Brunch)


Holding a Pleasure Brunch is a simple as bringing friends together to talk about pleasure challenges, and solutions. It can also be a simple enhancement of your book club meeting!

Sex Brunch Kit

To help you enhance your book club, or set up a successful Pleasure Brunch, I’ve created this special Sex Brunch Kit filled with discussion tips, menu suggestions, and other tools to help you host a fabulous event. Just download the kit below:

Sex Brunch Kit

I am looking forward to helping you find a community supporting each other’s pleasure!

Would you like me to visit your group? If you’d like to bring me to your gathering, to answer your pleasure questions, click on the link below.