Nine Essential Authors Writing About Female Sexual Response







People often ask me, of the 30 healing modalities I tried, what worked the best? There were two things: 1) getting a proper diagnosis; and (2) finding women who made it their life’s work to pass on outstanding information about female response and pleasure. Below are my top ten authors, some of whom have multiple books and other resources.


1. Betty Dodson

Betty Dodson, who was recently featured on Goop Lab on Netflix, is a national treasure. In addition to her terrific book Sex for One, Betty runs an excellent, comprehensive sex ed website.


2. Emily Nagoski

Emily Nagoski is the author of Come as You Are, an essential book for understanding how female sexuality works, She has also written other excellent books, including a workbook for Come as You Are, a book about female burnout, three sexual info guides (part of the Good in Bed series), and two fabulous (and steamy) romance novels. All her work is highly recommended and can be accessed here.


3. Sheri Winston

Sheri Winston, author of the go-to book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, is a sexuality educator and medical professional. Her website is chock full of great resources.


4. Laura Berman

Laura Berman PhD wrote Loving Sex: The Book of Joy and Passion, a book that has a prominent place in my memoir, and in my healing. Dr. Berman, who has a strong affiliation with Oprah Winfrey, has been engaged in cutting-edge sex education and therapeutics (she’s a licensed sex therapist) for decades. Her website lists her other terrific books as well as a wealth of resources.


5. Jen Gunter

Jen Gunter is an OB/GYN and pain specialist who recently released an incredible book called The Vagina Bible. In addition to this tome, Gunter is a prolific writer with many articles. She’s very active on social media. Check her out here.


6. Regena Thomashauer

Thomashauer, who’s professional name is Mama Gena, runs deeply empowering workshops, one of which I attend in my book (Chapter 13). She’s also the author of many groundbreaking books about female pleasure—in the bedroom and generally. She can be found here.


7. LiYana Silver

LiYana Silver’s book Feminine Genius: Waking Up and Turning On, goes way beyond the mechanics of sex, showing women how to apply sexual healing and awakening to every aspect of their lives. LiYana also runs courses, does coaching, and more. You can find her here.

8. Gigi Engle

Gigi Engle is a prolific writer, certified sex coach, and sex educator. She just released a book called All the F*cking Mistakes: a Guide to Love, Sex, and Life. It’s aimed at Millenial women, butI found it relevant to my life as someone in her fifties. Check out her website to keep track of all her terrific articles.


9. Rosalyn Diashiavo

Dr. Rosalyn Dishiavo, who founded the Institute for Enlightened Sexuality, is the author of a transformative book called The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving. It’s a book, for people of all genders, about giving ourselves permission to have pleasure.


This is just a small sampling of the women I’ve encountered who are helping other women demand more from their relationships and the world. More lists will follow because there are so many sheroes. Thank Goddess!


Warm regards,