Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor If You’re Having Problems




Speaking to your doctor can be very difficult for some women due to embarrassment, shame, despondency, self-blame, not believing we deserve better, lack of clarity, or not knowing what to ask! Below are 5 questions you might ask your current doctor, or one you are thinking of seeing. These are meant to help you open a line of communication, or to ask for comprehensive medical help.



1. I have a lot of questions. Can we schedule an appointment to just talk?

Doctors, typically, are allotted ten minutes to spend with you. And it can be difficult for them to examine you and answer tons of questions at the same time. My own healing was almost derailed by this situation. If you know you’d like to get information, you can ask you doctor to just spend time answering all your questions. You can turn your medical appointment into what works for you!


2. Is this something you treat, or should I see an specialist?

Your OB/GYN (or primary care doc, etc.) may not be an expert in pelvic pain, or menopause, or desire issues, etc. It can be a good idea to talk to your doctor about what is going on with you, but find out if he/she/they are the best person for diagnosis and treatment. If not, ask them for a recommendation, or search one of these websites.


3. What are ALL my options?

Whether you stay with your physician for treatment or decide to see someone else, it’s a good idea to ask this person, upon diagnosis, what ALL your options are. Very often, a doctor will suggest a treatment that he/she/they prefers, and has had success with in the past. That’s valid, but it can also leave you in the dark about something that might be a better fit for you. As an example, gynecologists may suggest an estrogen suppository without letting you know that this local hormone can also be taken as a pill.


4. Can I record my visit?

These visits can be fraught; let’s face

it. And many times, we don’t absorb everything that’s been said. Many doctors will allow you to record your visit on your iPhone, or with another recording device. It can be a good way to make sure you understand everything that just took place.


5. Can I take time to make a decision?

Let’s say your doctor does give you several options, or even if he/she/they are asking for a Yes or No (do you want to take the pill or not), please know you don’t have to make a decision on the spot. You have the right to take this information (maybe recording it) and then do your own research. Ultimately, your sexual health/healing is in your own hands. Get informed, and own your power.