As a survivor of sexual violation, Laura Zam is on a mission to innovate consent practices, delivering programs that fill key gaps left by traditional consent educationHarm Reduction Practice, Women’s Empowerment, and Healing for Survivors. As a relationship expert, intimacy solutions coach, certified trauma professional, and veteran college educator, Laura brings humor, stories, a background performing Off-Broadway, and next-level interactivity to help students thrive in relationships that form the foundation of future happiness and success. Healthy relationships allow students to reach their full potential.  

The faculty and staff who brought Laura Zam to campus were thrilled. This is no mere brainstorming session with students — it is, rather, a pedagogically sound and well-shaped workshop that moves students from “What can we do to change the climate around sexual assault on campuses?” to “Here’s what we can do starting NOW!” I recommend this program most highly for any campus. 

April Lidinsky
Director, Women’s and Gender Studies Program
Indiana University, South Bend


Healthy Sexual Dialogue (Workshop Experience or Keynote) 

Improv Your Hook-Up: Using Theater to Master Healthy Sexual Dialogue

How’s your hook-up game? Are you getting the pleasure you want? How about your partner(s)? Despite mandatory consent education, most students lack the sex communication skills needed to navigate safe, equitable, ecstatic intimacy. Research shows campus assault is often associated with miscommunication. This fun, interactive program uses theater improvisation to teach skillful-yet-sexy ways to ask for consent, request specific activities, read non-verbal cues, check-in throughout, and confidently set boundaries. The outcome? In a dorm room at 2 am, you’re prepared.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify the 3 stages of sexual communication
  • Create a “Sexicon” of Words/Phrases for Each Communication Phase
  • Name 3 Ways to Use Similar Theater Brainstorming for Their Own Peer Education


Healthy Sexual Dialogue and Female Empowerment: (Women and Queer-Specific Keynote)

Pleasure & Power 101

In this special program for sororities, women’s groups, and select LGBTQ+ groups, Laura helps participants cultivate their voice and stand in their sexual power–through a comprehensive understanding of female desire, arousal, and orgasm. Talk might also include skills for creating safety and dealing with triggers.  Because of societal expectations and norms, women and queer students are often at a disadvantage in recognizing and championing their own agenda. This workshop addresses this inequity, helping students do something about it.

Students will be able to:

  • Identify 4 Parts of Sexual Response Cycle (pertaining specifically to female bodies)
  • Quantify their current ability to express needs and boundaries
  • Create and practice 1 verbal phrase they can use to express interest
  • Create and practice 1 verbal phrase they can use to set sexual boundaries

Healing For Survivors: (Keynote)

Reclaiming Body and Self after Sexual Trauma: Three Pillars of Healing 

Tailored to students who’ve already experienced misconduct, during college or prior. Laura shares practical tools that help students thrive in their recovery, embracing their sensual potential.Using humor, vivid stories, and practical strategies from her book THE PLEASURE PLAN, Laura provides a concrete three-step model for healing that students may use in conjunction with therapy, or independently, to thrive in their recovery. Great also for campus professionals, or allies.

Students will be able to:

  • Name 5 ways that trauma can have a lasting effect on a person’s life
  • Identify 1 way that trauma has a lasting effect on their own life, or that of someone they love
  • Create 1 daily habit to mitigate this trauma effect

“Laura is hysterical, even with this tough subject. She gave a fantastic presentation that everyone enjoyed. We also learned so much. I honestly never thought about these easy healing hacks. We all feel so inspired now.”

Kaylee Zou
Student Leadership, Johns Hopkins University
Student Assault Recovery Unit (SARU)


If requested, keynotes may include excerpts from Laura’s one-person play, presented Off-Broadway.



“Laura brought tremendous value to Shenandoah University. Her thought-provoking presentation broadened our students’ worldview. We are very happy we brought her to campus.”

Tracy Fitzsimmons
President, Shenandoah University