Lakila and Eric Bowden: How to Have More Fun with Intimacy

In this episode of Sexual Healing Central, bestselling author and podcast host Laura Zam welcomes Lakila and Eric Bowden, founders of Dope People Who, a coaching company that helps “Black singles and couples amplify their dopeness so they can experience wildly healthy and fun relationships.” In our interview, this wise and full-of-starshine couple talk about why Black couples and singles have particular intimacy challenges, requiring customized solutions. They also give tips for more intimacy fun that can be used by ALL couples.

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00:24 – Intro

00:58 – How they got started, coaching together as a couple

03:08 – What does sexual healing mean to you?

05:15 –Intimacy challenges and solution for Black couples, in particular

08:28 – FREE class info

10:39 – 3 Tips: How couples can have more fun in their intimate relationships

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