My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is @CailinMcDuff. Cailin is The Working Woman’s Pleasure Guide. Her specialty is helping women who are experiencing high levels of stress (all of us, right?). She helps her clients find their truest, most soulful desires. And then she helps them realize those desires! She’ll be teaching us: How to Get Into Your Desire. If you want a short burst aliveness, tune into the short video excerpt on my Youtube channel.

Give a Listen:

01:17 – Intro

02:25 – Cailin’s story (including feeling broken, being non-orgasmic, and getting a diagnosis of M.S.)

04:45 – How Cailin healed herself

14:04 – What does sexual healing meanto you?

19:38 – Tips: How to get into Your Desire!


Here’s how you can connect with the radiant, magical Cailin McDuff:



Download the Desire Guide



A little more about Cailin:

Cailin McDuff
, the “Working Woman’s Pleasure Guide,” helps overworked, stressed women who spend too much time in their heads slow down and connect with their bodies so that they can enjoy a life based in pleasure. Having never had an orgasm until the age of 33 to now fully connecting with her body and all the sensations it provides, Cailin created a safe community– Cocoon: The Fully Embodied Feminine Experience, where she uses her experience to mentor women in creating this shift for themselves so that they can let go, live joyfully, and be bright again. She’s also the host of top-rated sexuality podcast, Any Way You Want It, where loyal fans tune in regularly for her authentic, fresh and edgy conversations about sex, relationships, and life. She has spoken on numerous stages, including LinkedIn’s Talent Connect and Inner Nerds, a community of curious people in New York. Her most popular talk is, “Permission for Pleasure,” and she is being featured in VoyageLA this month for her work with women and pleasure.