Susan Shapiro: How to Forgive Your Partner--and Anyone

In this episode of Sexual Healing Central, Laura Zam welcomes New York Times bestselling author, Susan Shapiro, who recently published a book called THE FORGIVENESS TOUR: HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT APOLOGY. In this brilliant book—filled with the author’s poignant quest for an apology as well as the lives of people who’ve forgiven after manslaughter, genocide, and other unspeakable offenses—we learn about how to live in peace with ourselves and others. Susan Shapiro, who’s been happily married for decades, also offers tips for healthy relationships. Anyone who’s been in a relationship knows how important apology is in the house!

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Give a Listen:

00:40 – Intro

01:37 – Why write about a book about forgiveness (her story)

03:35 – Other harrowing forgiveness stories in book

05:32 – How she chose these stories

07:05 – What she learned about forgiveness researching/writing this book

11:17 – Forgiving her dad

13:55 – Forgiving an abuser (sexual assault, genocide, etc.)

17:29 – How reparations work, and how they can help

20:10 – Relationship tips: forgiveness, etc.

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FYI: Sue has written tons of excellent books, and she’s also a writing teacher/mentor. In fact, she is the reason I was able to publish in high profile outlets and get my own book deal!







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