Tara Scott MD: What Hormones are Safe to Take After Menopause?

In this episode of Sexual Healing Central, Laura Zam welcomes Tara Scott, MD, Revitalize Medical Group, Chief Medical Officer, and Founder of Revitalize Medical Group in Akron, Ohio. Dr. Scott is an integrative gynecologist known as the “The Hormone Guru,” For women and vulva owners approaching and landing in menopause (moving beyond too), there is also incredible confusion about hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This episode tries to clear this up, including risks and benefits; the history of HRT and HRT options.

Disclaimer: Although Dr. Scott is a licensed physician, she is not in a position here to give specific medical recommendations. No information on Sexual Healing Central is meant to be concrete medical advice. Please discuss any options you may discover here with your own doctor.

Give a Listen:

00:19 – Intro

00:50 – Risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy

03:02 – Women’s Health Initiative study

05:17 – Conclusions of Women’s Health Initiative study

06:30 – Further studies

07:12 – Is there a risk of breast cancer?

09:22 – What is transdermal estrogen?

10:52 – What is DHEA?

12:00 – What is genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), formerly known as “atrophy”?

14:06 – Does DHEA protect against heart disease and bone loss?

15:10 – Hormone tips

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