In this episode, Laura talks with Liz Lehman, MD, who is founder and CEO of Aluminate Life, a company that makes candles and other home fragrance products. Laura discovered these candles accidentally and talks about how they don’t give her headaches, and other allergic reactions, like almost every other candle she’s tried. The fact that Liz is a doctor, very committed to health, might have something to do with that. Liz wants you to create a sanctuary out of your home—especially the bedroom. Let her tell you how to make that happen. If candles are OK for your sinuses, they can really transform a room—and a mood. Ya know?

Disclaimer: Although Dr. Lehman is a licensed physician, she is not your personal physician. No information on Sexual Healing Central is meant to be concrete medical advice. Please discuss any options you may discover here with your own doctor.

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00:16 – Intro

02:00 – How a doctor got started making candles

04:41 – What kind of candles and scents are great for sexual healing, specifically?

06:55 – How to use scent in the bedroom if you are afraid of getting triggered

08:38 – Why candles can be allergenic

13:00 – How much these candles cost (hint: very affordable)–

14:57 – Tips for Using Candles in the Bedroom

Here’s how you can connect with Liz Lehman and Aluminate Life

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I highly recommend the book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a book for self-transformation and reflection that resonates with me and brings a balance and happiness to my way of living.