Sexual Healing is the pathway to greater pleasure, intimacy, and wholeness. Who needs sexual healing? Anyone who has ever experienced rejection, trauma, body shame, infidelity, functional issues, addiction, libido mismatch, or too much stress. In other words, everyone! In each episode, we share concise wisdom from a leading healing and/or pleasure expert. You’ll also learn from individuals who’ve bravely overcome their own healing challenges. Hosted by Laura Zam, a relationship coach, sexuality educator, and author of the bestselling memoir THE PLEASURE PLAN.


Can Sexual Healing Make Your Life Better?

Each week, I post a new episode you can also find as a video on my YouTube channel.


Episode 20

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Carrie Jeroslow an international bestselling author, coach and intuitive. Carrie teaches us how to have a conscious relationship—that is, a relationship where all parties grow into their best selves.   For...Read More

Episode 19

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Leslie Pietrzyk - author of a stunning new short-story collection, ADMIT THIS TO NO ONE. We talk about writing prompts as a way 2 heal—from what ails us or holds us...Read More

Episode 18

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Gigi Anita Nash. As the owner of MhayaMovement, she loves combining the sacred art of belly dance with healing. She'll share WHY belly dance can be great for sexual healing.  ...Read More

Episode 17

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Jeannie and Mark Daly-Gunter, co-founders of The Transformative Loving™ Institute. Jeanne and Mark are known as the “couple’s coaching couple.” On this podcast episode they share their Love Map (also the...Read More

Episode 16

Sexual Healing Central this week is a conversation about how Tantra can be used OUTSIDE the bedroom. Physical intimacy is only a small part of Tantra, which is a system that helps us find more presence, peacefulness and power in...Read More

Episode 15

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Jonathan Troen. Jonathan is a Life Mastery Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, and creator of the Self Love Revolution. He helps entrepreneurs make the shift from self-sabotage to self-compassion, so they can enjoy...Read More

Episode 14

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Pasha Marlowe. Pasha is a therapeutic comedy coach who specializes in empowering women to see the world through the lens of humor, pleasure, and play, even on the difficult days. Pasha...Read More

Episode 13

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Arielle Antwine, or simply Ari. Ari is a Sex Ed Content Creator, Podcaster, Sex Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Showgirl! Though prefers the title Sensual Educator & Facilitator to describe her work....Read More

Episode 11

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Andrea Javor. Andrea is a a CDC© Certified Divorce Coach & Career Development Coach who specializes in helping professional women move forward with confidence and conviction so they can intentionally create their happily better after.  She’s...Read More

Episode 10

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is @CailinMcDuff. Cailin is The Working Woman’s Pleasure Guide. Her specialty is helping women who are experiencing high levels of stress (all of us, right?). She helps her clients find their truest,...Read More

Episode 9

My guest on Sexual Healing Central today is Kara Hololik. Kara is the founder of Social for Good, a content marketing agency that supports entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits. Kara is offering ANOTHER kind of social good. She’s talking about...Read More

Episode 8

My guest on Sexual Healing Central this week is Pamela Aubrey. Pamela is an author, podcaster, and energy healer. She’s also a regular contributor to Thrive Global. Her mission is helping individuals upgrade to their best life by sharing stories of...Read More

Episode 7

  HOW TO CREATE HEALING AND SENSUOUS ENVIRONMENTS IN OUR HOMES   This week I’m talking to Ben Rousseau. Ben is a British artist and designer now based in Manhattan Beach, California. Ben creates high tech homes, luxury interior products...Read More

Episode 6

  HOW TO USE EROTICA FOR PLEASURE AND HEALING?   This episode features Rachel Kramer Bussel, who is the editor of the Best Women's Erotica of the Year series, including the latest, which is Volume 6. Women’s erotica can be so useful...Read More

Episode 5

My guest this week on Sexual Healing Central is Abby Maslin, who is the author of the esteemed memoir #LoveYouHard. Abby’s beautiful husband, and the father of her 2-year-old little boy, went to a baseball game one night and never...Read More

Episode 4

In this episode, Laura talks with Liz Lehman, MD, who is founder and CEO of Aluminate Life, a company that makes candles and other home fragrance products. Laura discovered these candles accidentally and talks about how they don’t give her...Read More

Episode 3

In this episode of Sexual Healing Central, Laura Zam welcomes Tara Scott, MD, Revitalize Medical Group, Chief Medical Officer, and Founder of Revitalize Medical Group in Akron, Ohio. Dr. Scott is an integrative gynecologist known as the “The Hormone Guru,”...Read More

Episode 2

In this episode of Sexual Healing Central, Laura Zam welcomes New York Times bestselling author, Susan Shapiro, who recently published a book called THE FORGIVENESS TOUR: HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT APOLOGY. In this brilliant book—filled with the author’s poignant...Read More

Episode 1

In this episode of Sexual Healing Central, bestselling author and podcast host Laura Zam welcomes Lakila and Eric Bowden, founders of Dope People Who, a coaching company that helps “Black singles and couples amplify their dopeness so they can experience...Read More